Monday, October 19, 2009

PEREZ dont really like me.

This was one of those photos i planned ahead for.
"on the count of three im gonna kiss him ok?"
that was the dialougue i think.
Well, something like that.
Austin Texas, march 2009


So earlier this year i got the call up to fly to colombia and shoot a documentary!
One of the better jobs i have ever done for sure.
She is one of those annoyingly nice, remembers everbodys name, insanely beautiful and rich types of people.
You have to love her!
Flying on her private jet is one of those stories ill crap on about when im old.
Guess im already old.


In lead up to what turned out to be an epic night last week, The Delta Rigs soundcheck was really good fun!
Great chance to catch up with the boys and watch em do there thing.
 The response from industry types following there show last wednesday night indicates to me your about to hear a whole lot more out of these boys.
And im shotgunning a spot on there team as "fluffer".

Checkem out  

BONDI downhill 2

North Bondi and D have a long and chequered past.
Its been 2 years since D broke his camera, collarbone and his pride trying to pull a stunt like this.
This is documentation that D, like the tru man he is, got back on that horse and dominated.
Good flare Dunc.
Go pro at its best!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Arty Sunday

I got arty last sunday and dragged steppy out onto the cliff at the back of our place to shoot 'The doorway to oblivion'.
I found the door in a bin outside of a renovation house on brighton blvd.
hammered some timber steaks in behind it to hold it up and lit it with a old vintage halogen light.
Tim Stock leant me his radical camera.
The windiest day in bondi ever.
so windy, that the following day the entire city of sydney was covered in red dust.
Thanks for being a good sport stephy.
i love ARTY SundaY.