Monday, November 22, 2010

Twenty EIGHT Twelve shoot.

UNEDITED Scenes from todays shoot 

make it ya dp

"When you grow up together and share a life as each other's half until you leave home, it's inevitable, or was at least for us, that you share an appreciation of a similar aesthetic. We have always said that we are each other's other half. We lived together while Sav was freelancing and that was when we realized that working together felt like a natural and logical step to take. Where one stumbles, the other one stands tall, so working together is a really complete experience" Sienna

"Sienna was never formally trained in fashion and her lack of technical understanding is her greatest strength because she knows no boundaries. We try things we might otherwise avoid and inevitably we are very pleasantly surprised. As Coco Chanel once said, ' …it is with what cannot be taught that one succeeds' " Savannah

SISTERS Savannah and Siena Miller

Wearing there Sunday best as kiddlets

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