Wednesday, August 19, 2009


My time aboard the Quiksilver sponsored 90ft salvage boat 'Indies Trader I' took me through West Africa, Costa Rica,Bocas del Toro and The Panama Canal.

Big Wave surfing pioneer Dave Kalama, is the guy riding the Hydrofoil. (strange surfboard with the blade at the bottom)

This board was invented by Dave and his hawaiian friends who took a Hydro chair, normally used for skiing behind a boat, removing the blade, and welding it to a surfboard. With the blade weighing in excess of 30 kg, you need to be a strong swimmer just to keep yourself afloat.

Following that... Navigating The Panama Canal. Six men holding ropes off each corner of the vessel, barking orders in Spanish while thousand of litres of bubbling brown water rise up under the boat. A series of 3 locks transfer you from the Caribbean sea water level, to the pacific ocean water level. 30,000 workers are estimated to have died during the construction of the Canal. 

Also featured are some location shots in the Verde Islands where I paid a local in beer and magazines to drive me across a freezing desert to the surfing side of the island so I could film the Indies Trader in big seas.(closing shot)

A surreal experience that combined my love of surfing, documentary and travel.

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