Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Kin music Pilot.

Living in the Hills of Hollywood definately had its perks. One of them was that i personally got to share our six bedroom house with some amazing talent. Isaac and his brother Thorrey arrived in a 8 seater tour bus exhausted from 3 million miles of travel around the united states touring there album 'rise and fall'. It was our pad, affectionately known as '6210', that they decided to call home base while they began recording there new album.
These original pilots are still some of my favourites to watch due to them all being shot in our own backyard!
Collectively we decided to start putting together some edited pieces on the different artists coming through our house to shop around to some websites. The idea was then picked up by a New York based music taste making site which funded us to continue with our idea. We were commisioned to travel to Austin, TX to shoot a series of 'webisodes' during the SXSW music festival! So much Fun!
Ill be heading to Texas again next year FOR sure.

You really gotta love THE KIN.

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