Wednesday, September 2, 2009

FULL length Quiksilver Documentary

ring ring' in annoying standard early 2000's nokia ringtone. I look down to see it's Jason Muir. He's the guy who calls once every couple of months to fill me in on were it is i will be travelling to board the next quiksilver crossing surf mission. I answer, whatupppp donk??? (a nickname Rick Jackovic gave him) JM' yeh nicka you ready to head back? (to the boat) NA' for sure mate, were we headed? JM' well im not exactly sure but they are thinking somewere off the coast of west africa. NA' excited noise thats indicates im stoked' JM' Im gonna get Ted Grambeau to go with you this time! NA'NO WAY!! stoked!' JM 'ok so how soon till you can go??? NA ' well (looking at my watch), i could go tomoro????. JM laughs,,.. 'ok mate no worries ill send through the details....' NA 'ok jase perrfect'... 'can u get me some more film stock? oh, and i might need some extra cash cause my cards maxed out from last time??? JM nervous. 'umm o.k' 'ill see what i can do'. Just eat onboard the boat this time and try to look after the gear ok??
It's super windy and dusty all the friggin time were your going!!' NA 'can do Jase!! thanku!!' (stoked)

I packed my camera gear and was on the 6am qantas out of cooly the following morning.
Ticketed as far as Paris till i got further info on the location. Heres what happened for the next 2 months of my life from that phone call on.  

Nicka x 

dur: 14:21

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  1. Nicka! That was epic! Did you get an opportunity to surf that left?