Thursday, August 20, 2009

TIFFANY RANDOL music pilot

When Tiffany Randol arrived at our place in the hills of hollywood i was standing out the front with my camera waiting to get the arrival shot.
Right on time she arrived in the most amazing mercedes benz 2 door coupe i had seen in a while. It was a present from her grandma!

Her look and demeanor was folky meets angel as she negotiated the bk stairs down to the pool. It was'nt until we got into the interview about her album that we truly got into what this sassy vixen-esque New Yorker was all about! How many lemons?? hahaha

Big thanks to my audience in this clip as who just happened to consist of top mixologists, accomplished audio engineers, d.o.p's and all round beautiful people.

Angus and Casey and my beloved LA family.xxxxxx
Ivy Fox on wine bottle drum thanku very much.

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